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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  February 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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near los angeles. the extensive search for survivors and what they have found so far. and it's debate night in new hampshire. how the republican hopefuls are gearing up for tonight's event, and what's at stake for gop front runner. good morning, everyone, thanks so much for joining us on "kcci 8 news this morning weekends." it is 5:00 a.m. on the dot on saturday, february 6th. as you wake up and walk outside, you might notice a dusting of snow on your vehicle. frank: we also have a bit of patchy fog developing in sections of northern iowa this morning. otherwise, you are going to like these temperatures, waking up very mild for this time of year. 30's and the metro. if you look at 24 hours ago, we are 15 degrees warmer than yesterday, 25 degrees warmer in
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at the airport right now, have mostly cloudy skies, 30 degrees the temperature. as you move through your saturday, i think you are going to like things. temperatures pretty mild. by noon, we are in the mid 30's and by the afternoon, 38 degrees. we have a couple of chances for snow in the 8 day forecast. alyx: right now, and oregon police officer is dead after being shot while serving a warrant. a second officer fired back and was able to word the suspect. -- wound the suspect. an investigation is now underway. after an earthquake in taiwan. so far 11 people have been killed. the tainan city emergency center reported that an infant and a small child were among the deceased.
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pulled out of the rubble after the 6.4 magnitude earthquake. the quake collapsed a residential high-rise friday. 26 people are still unaccounted for. three people are believed to be dead after two planes collided outside los angeles friday. the coast guard says there are no sign of survivors after a massive search of boats and divers. searchers did find some wreckage, including a pilot's logbook. the rest of the wreckage may be in 80 to 90 feet of water. also right now in commitment 2016 news new national poll , numbers show hillary clinton barely leading bernie sanders for the democratic presidential nomination. clinton has a slim lead over sanders in the quinnipiac university survey. 44% to 42%, within the margin of error. 11% of voters surveyed say they're still undecided. as for the republicans donald , trump still has a good shot at taking new hampshire. a new cnn/wmur survey shows trump leading the field of presidential candidates with 29%
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marco rubio with 18%, ted cruz, 13%. john kasich has 12%, jeb bush has 10%. seven republican presidential candidates square off tonight in their eighth debate, just three days before tuesday's new hampshire primary. much is at stake for republican frontrunner, donald trump who is leading in polls nationally and in the granite state. weijia jiang has the latest from manchester, new hampshire. weijia: after cancelling an event in new hampshire friday because of a snowstorm donald , trump held a rally in south carolina once again, questioning the outcome of the iowa caucuses, so the person that -- iowa caucuses. >> so the person that came in third they said, unbelievable result. and i came in second, and they said trump didn't do so well. but you see i don't think i did come in second, i think i came in first. >> god bless the great state of new hampshire weijia: trump, who placed second behind rival ted cruz in monday's caucuses, has accused the texas senator of voter
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after finishing third in iowa , marco rubio jumped ahead of cruz in the granite state and is now nipping at trump's heels, by -- heels. >> by the way, if you get a call on tuesday night saying that i dropped out it isn't true, it's a lie, keep voting. weijia: for many voters, meeting a candidate in person makes all here in manchester, there's a good chance that will happen at this historic diner. >> it's an institute. it's been here since 1922. weijia: ellen ryan has worked at the red arrow diner for a decade, serving up hot meals. >> ok, boys, you ready too? weijia: and politics. presidential contenders often visit for a bite, or impromptu campaign event. >> a lot of them come to talk to people in this area to get an idea of what they want and how they're feeling. weijia: this high school government class from philadelphia is studying the primary race anxiously waiting , for their chance to meet a candidate. >> it's cool to see democracy at work, in progress. weijia: even cooler, he says to be a part of it. weijia jiang, cbs news,
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alyx: democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are also continuing their final push for votes ahead of tuesday's primary. sanders holds just one rally today while clinton holds three , including a town hall with students. she's hoping to appeal to young voters in new hampshire who overwhelmingly favor the vermont senator. and a reminder that you can trust kcci for complete coverage of the new hampshire primary next week. chief political reporter cynthia fodor will be there. be sure to follow her on twitter and facebook for a behind the scenes look at all the action. more big stories security issues , have continuously plagued court avenue. concerns heightened after a homicide happened near 3rd and court in december. so city, county, and private business leaders unveiled a new plan friday. it includes installing nine security cameras, and keeping six police officers staffed in the area, all year long. >> this is going to be a payoff for all the young people and families and parents like me who
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their kids are out. alyx: electronic engineering donated the cameras at a cost of $95,000. we are told the changes will be implemented, before the ncaa men's basketball tournament comes to town next month. a des moines man is asking for help, to identify the pick-up driver who knocked his car into a snowy ditch. on tuesday morning brett shady , was driving on highway 92 near winterset, when his car spun out on the ice. moments later, a blue pick-up t-boned the driver's side. the impact bruised shady's ribs. and shattered glass tore a tendon on his right pinky. >> it just would have been nice if the guy stopped and if nothing else, to see if everybody's ok. alyx: if you have any information about the crash, contact the iowa state patrol or madison county sheriff's office.
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never more than five minutes away. frank: the temperatures are going to be great, melting that little bit of snow that we got. now we are dealing with a little bit of fog but that is about it or this weekend. then we will see another ripple rolled through late sunday into monday, that is way up your right now back into montana and portions of washington. that is going to be sliding in that before that, we will start the day with some clouds and clearing to the north and west. 30 in the metro, 31 in ames, 20's in webster city. grinnell close to 30. if you are in northwestern iowa, you might have to keep in mind there might be some reduced visibility. extreme northwestern iowa seeing the lowest visibility this morning.
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not that, 30 in des moines, 29 in kansas city. if you like warm temperatures we will have them today and tomorrow, but some big changes coming in your 8 day forecast. alyx: i'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for that. investigators say they've wrapped up the investigation into a nevada house fire. the body of adam blazek was found inside the home on thursday. investigators say it looks like blazek poured flammable liquid throughout the house then set it on fire. police say blazek then shot himself. a chicago man found guilty of murdering his own 3-year-old daughter in bedford. 26-year-old charles hall found guilty of both murder and child thursday endangerment. back in may, the taylor county sheriff found the girl unresponsive in hall's home. hall's girlfriend was also charged in the child's death. 26-year-old april clair pleaded guilty to child endangerment causing bodily injury.
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infected with the zika virus. officials say the women became infected after traveling internationally. doctors at nebraska medical center say they aren't surprised by local reports of the virus. doctors also say there isn't much reason for concern right now. >> it is spread from person to mosquito to other people, and if we don't have that cycle of transmission here we should not have any local spread. alyx: as of right now there is , no vaccine for the zika virus. and once contracted doctors aren't sure how long the virus can stay in someone's system. coming up after the break, caucus cash. just how much local businesses are raking in after tuesday's big event that drew in hundreds from national media. plus, super bowl means super expensive. how much fans are spending to
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning weekends" with alyx sacks and meteorologist metinka slater. frank: good morning, welcome back, 5:13.
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made it up to 32 degrees in des moines after a chilly start. low 30's in council bluffs and sioux city. temperatures waking up this morning not too far off from our high temperatures yesterday, 30 in the metro, 28 in fort dodge. 29 in marshalltown. we will have the clouds around this morning so as you head out, you will see those as sunrise happens just after 7:00. then we will see some clearing happening by the afternoon. make those outdoor plans today, you are going to love those temperatures. by noon, 36 degrees, 4:00, 38. you will see sunshine this afternoon and the other thing today, the wind will not be that bad at five to 10 miles per hour. alyx: the caucuses have added millions of dollars to state and local businesses. iowans may be tired of the
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but there's no denying the caucuses are a huge boom to iowa's economy. chief political reporter cynthia fodor explains. cynthia: look at capital square transformed into a worldwide media center. this doesn't just happen. workers for a local production company spent three days, 24 hours a day, setting up the risers and stages. and this was just one of hundreds of campaign events. >> at one time, four to five in one day, sometimes 10 in a week. cynthia: central lighting and equipment had to triple their staff to cover the caucuses from 13 to 40 employees and increased their business up to 30%. >> this is stimulating the economy, puts people to work, it creates more jobs. cynthia: instead of the bleak mid winter doldrums with a slowdown in the economy. >> people are typically not coming to iowa in january. cynthia: local businesses are now starting off 2016 with a big bump in their bank accounts.
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million in economic impact. cynthia: greg edwards says that is for the metro. he estimates $40 million statewide. hotels, restaurants, shopping centers benefitting from the business. all 11,000 hotel rooms in the metro book including those at , the butler house on grand. >> we also had caucus tourists for the first time this year . people who came to watch i was political process happen. >> it's a good thing for the state, for the city. iowa is a good place to have a business. alyx: that was cynthia fodor reporting. an estimated 2,000 members of the media were in town. that's about 500 more than the last caucus. this sunday, is the biggest and most expensive tv event of the whole year, the super bowl. and it's right here on kcci. our very own scott reister is in san francisco to tell us just how much people are spending in
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scott: when you are here, you've got to sleep somewhere. >> saw some holiday in for $611 a night. scott: and then there is the sticker shock. >> wherever you go. >> super bowl sweatshirt, $90. >> $152, very expensive. >> it was about $130 and if you got a team, $230. scott: this is made of solid gold? >> it is worth it. scott: what are people spending their money on? >> a lot of food, drinking, and parties. the parties are like $500 just to enter. scott: tickets to the big game, through the roof. >> they do not compare to anything in the history of stub hub.
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we have sold one as high as $27,000. scott: are you worth it? >> yes, i am worth it. alyx: very cool. you can catch super bowl 50 right here on kcci. super bowl coverage starts tomorrow at 1:00. then kick off is set for 5:30 live from levi's stadium. did you see how nice the temperature was over there? frank: that weather is just picture-perfect. they are going to have great weather for the game. we will have decent weather around here for the game. check out that picture, sent in by austin, the cousin of one of our morning producers from northeastern iowa. some inspiring ice. it is an inspirational picture for morning, a nice sunrise. temperatures waking up this
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ames. inspirational temperatures and a time you wake up around your average high temperatures, not too bad. zero in storm lake for visibility. in the metro, not much of a problem, but some patchy fog may be possible in northwest iowa this morning. the wind light out of the south and west atlas than five miles per hour. the temperature slow to rise and eventually we will make it into the mid to upper 30's. another above average day temperature-wise. we will start the day with clouds but eventually clearing starts to work in just out to the west. we will see that after the noontime hour in des moines. an area of high pressure moving up, keeping on the system to the north and west that will bring a chance of flurries late sunday into monday, especially northern iowa.
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today, sunshine this afternoon, more clouds tonight, and chances of flurries to the north. that combined with a gusty wind rate sunday into monday might create some whiteout conditions where there is a blizzard watch in effect for extreme northern iowa. not expecting much snow that combined with the wind, could be treacherous for driving. 30 tonight. on monday we're back in the 20's for highs and back into the single digits for lows on tuesday morning. we will jump back into the 30's for thursday. >> coming up in your morning sports, scott reister will join
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guys you can root for if you >> good morning, everybody. we are inside of 36 hours away from kickoff for super bowl 50, the broncos and panthers kicking off on kcci sunday afternoon at 5:30. if you are not a big fan of either one of those teams and want to see more than just commercials, scott reister in san francisco found three guys with iowa ties who will suit up and play tomorrow. scott: you know how they call
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three players that played in that game are actually in the actual super bowl. it is an incredible story and it includes kirk ferentz's own son. here is james ference earlier in the week with san francisco. you do not hear kirk that emotional often but when he was asked about coming to watch his son play in super bowl 50 -- >> i think everybody here is proud of him. it is a good story. a guy that went from treading water for a year, practice squad, got cut again this year, and then two days later he got put on the roster in denver. it is a good story, sticking with it, chasing your dream, and really happy for him. scott: james will be playing against fellow hawkeye, brandon weigert finally made carolina's
5:21 am
>> mentally i have been preparing every week like i was going to play. scott: gotten a list from aj klein. the former big 12 player of the year with iowa state has 55 tackles and a pick for the panthers. aj has made it to the super bowl. >> all the lights and interviews and all the things everyone is trying to experience, and take it in and enjoy the experience. when it comes down to it, we are here to win. scott: football history is made with unsung heroes. you never know who will step up and get their moment. how cool would it be if one of these players made a big play and stepped up and made something happen on super bowl sunday? andy: thank you very much.
5:22 am
panthers tomorrow at 5:30 live from santa clara only on kcci. college basketball, if iowa state's roster was not thin enough already they will have to play without jameel mckay. the reigning big 12 defense player of the year was suspended indefinitely by the coach and did not travel to stillwater. cyclone officials will not comment on why, other than to say it is a violation of team rules. mckay tweeted yesterday, "one game." no other words. bob and sharon hanson, legendary coach of dowling catholic have them on the road at johnston last night. nice play by becca hittner, looking in the foul. johnston pretty good in their own right this year. that is jenna johnson with the tough bucket and ellie brown
5:23 am
johnston wins 57-47 the final. >> we definitely feel like we are the best team in the state, or at least one of the best teams in the state. andy: another great girls game last night and waukee, ankeny centennial and the warriors. two top five teams head to head. tough bucket, centennial up three. waukee would answer, carly littlefield. it is a one-point game. littlefield 43, no good. the jaguars go into waukee and upset the warriors 45-43. hard this whole entire season. the number one feels great and head.
5:24 am
following, waukee and centennial. free-throw line jumper is good, great job moving to his left. waukee would answer with nathan johnson, patient, draws the contact, lays it in. the warriors win knocking off centennial. hoover and indianola last night in des moines, andre s campbell junior breaking down the defense. indianola would come right back, jack jensen catches a 23. wilson snaring the offense of board and getting the bucket and the foul. whoever wins 58-23 -- hoover wins 58-23. valley gets the season sweep of
5:25 am
a rough night for northern iowa, good game but they came up just short in overtime, 78-75.
5:26 am
the bucs double up >> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning weekends." alyx: right now at 5:30, officer killed. authorities in oregon are investigating how one of their own was killed overnight. what the officer was doing when he was shot upon. and taking the stage. republican presidential candidates are gearing up to go head to head for the eighth time tonight, just days ahead of the new hampshire primaries. what's at stake for the front runner and how he can benefit from a good debate performance. good saturday morning, everyone, i'm alyx sacks. meteorologist frank scalia on sitting by, waking up to a dusting of snow -- frank
5:27 am
frank: not much, just a little bit that you might have to dust off the windshield and if you are in northwestern iowa, dealing with a little bit of fog but not bad. 30 in the metro, 31 in ames. our average high temperature this time of year is 31, so we are at or above that in some locations this morning. if you look back 24 hours ago, 20 degrees warmer in ames, 14 degrees warmer in the metro. things looking pretty good, maybe some patches of fog of this morning, especially off to the north and west. by noon, those clouds will break, 36 degrees, and how about sunshine for the afternoon. we have some 40's in the 8 day forecast and then we take a tumble. alyx: thanks, frank. while we may have gotten a light dusting of snow last night new england is digging out yet again. friday's storm dumped more than
5:28 am
and left tens of thousands of homes and businesses without power. take a look at this video. this morning there were over , 100,000 power outages reported across the east coast. and this is new surveillance video just in from the earthquake in taiwan. the death tall has now risen to 11. an infant and a small child were among those killed in friday's quake. the 6.4 magnitude earthquake injured nearly 400 people. officials say right now at least 26 people are still missing. back in the states in california, the coast guard says three people were believed to be aboard two small planes that collided over the ocean. the incident happened friday afternoon just outside the port of los angeles, leaving no survivors. searchers found wreckage including a pilot's logbook. searchers say the wreckage may be in 80 to 90 feet of water. an oregon police officer is dead
5:29 am
he was serving a warrant while he was fired at friday night and a second officer fired back, killing the suspect. the officer killed had been with the department for 13 years. turning now to commitment 2016 news, new national poll numbers show hillary clinton barely leading bernie sanders for the democratic presidential nomination. clinton has a slim lead over sanders in the quinnipiac university survey. 44% to 42%, within the margin of error. 11% of voters surveyed say they're still undecided. for the republicans donald trump , still has a good shot at taking new hampshire. a new cnn/wmur survey shows trump leading the field of presidential candidates with 29% support. marco rubio with 18%, ted cruz, 13%. john kasich has 12%, jeb bush has 10%. republican presidential hopefuls return to the debate stage tonight in new hampshire.
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a way into the winner's circle while marco rubio is looking to fend off an onslaught of attacks from his rivals. the debate comes three days before new hampshire's primary, a contest likely to determine whether some gop hopefuls abandon their white house bids. for trump, anything short of a win in new hampshire would blow his 2016 hopes. as for tonight's lineup, seven gop hopefuls will take the stage tonight. john kasich, jeb bush, marco rubio, donald trump, ted cruz, ben carson and chris christie will all be participating in the debate. the candidates were invited to the debate if they placed in the top three in the iowa caucuses, placed among the top six in an average national polls, or placed among the top six in the average of new hampshire polls. the debate starts at 7:00 tonight from manchester, new hampshire. and a reminder that you can trust kcci for complete coverage of the new hampshire primary next week. chief political reporter cynthia fodor will be there. be sure to follow her on twitter and facebook for a behind the scenes look at all the action. more big stories this morning, new actions are being taken to
5:31 am
des moines. >> we're not just covering court avenue, you know, on the streets and the corners but also the alleys, the parking lots, the side streets. alyx: six des moines police officers will patrol the district on weekend nights all year long. nine security cameras will also be installed white electronic engineering, who donated the cameras. city, county and private business leaders unveiled the new plan on friday. they are planning on having the changes implemented before next months ncaa men's basketball tournament comes to town. a des moines man is looking for the driver of a pick-up who knocked is car into a snowy ditch earlier this week. the accident left a deep dent in the driver's door and shattered the glass. but he said the biggest pain wasn't the damage. >> he drove off. he did not stop. he didn't stop to see if we were ok. alyx: tuesday morning brett shady was driving on highway 92
5:32 am
out on the ice. moments later a blue pick-up , t-boned the driver's side. shady suffered bruised ribs and shattered glass tore a tendon in his right pinky. officials say two people near omaha are infected with the zika virus. the women became infected after traveling internationally. doctors at nebraska medical center say they aren't surprised by local reports of the virus. and that there isn't much reason for concern right now. so far there is no vaccine for zika virus. and once contracted doctors , aren't sure how long the virus can stay in someone's system. time now, 5:37. we will check back in with frank. frank: we have some clouds out there this morning. by this afternoon we are going to see some sunshine. there is the clouds, low clouds over the state right now. it will be a brief. of clearing and then we will see more clouds roll in later
5:33 am
something to be excited about, 30 in the metro, above average for wake-up temperatures. 28 webster city. audubon and carroll are in the upper 20's. notice off to the north and west visibility is a little reduced between algona and sioux city this morning, and just out to the west of the metro. wake-up temperatures all across the midwest in good, upper 20's for minneapolis, green bay, and chicago. all across the region today, high temperatures are going to be great. upper 30's, close to 40 and sioux city. low 50's in dodge city, kansas. we are getting spoiled by these nice temperatures but we have's changes in the 8 day forecast, when you can expected cool down -- can expect a cool down. alyx: iowa house republicans
5:34 am
would ban so-called sanctuary cities in the state. law enforcement in many iowa communities will not hold suspected illegal immigrants for federal agents, fearing lawsuits because holding them may be unconstitutional. if passed, the bill prevents local governments from limiting or restricting the enforcement of any federal immigration law. also at the statehouse, a bill that would require stanford university to issue an apology to iowa for its halftime rose bowl show is all but dead in the iowa senate. the bill proposed by mark chelgren of ottumwa would have banned collaboration between iowa's state universities and stanford until stanford officials apologized for the band's behavior. senate majority leader michael gronstal says he won't schedule the bill for floor debate. the old clarinda mental health institute says its having trouble finding tenants. the state closed the clarinda mental health institute seven months ago. since then, most of the facility has been empty. while many say the grounds are
5:35 am
takers willing to move in, leaving the town with a large parcel of empty property. still ahead on kcci, super bowl 50 is almost here. the ongoing celebrations, and how super bowl city is handling all the people. plus, the players aren't the only ones facing off.
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frank: good saturday morning, welcome back, 5:43. we have some good as this morning -- good news these morning -- this morning, temperatures will be feeling great. carroll close to 30 and knoxville at 25. the wind today will not be that strong. it will be a nice day to be outside. generally less than eight miles per hour. you will wake up with some clouds, sunrise after 7:20, and by the afternoon we will begin to work in some clearing out to the west. if you want, you can go out and join kurtis gertz on the bike ride to rippey. 10:00 a.m. temperature, 28 -- 32 degrees. it will be a great day to take a little ride. alyx: thanks, frank. we are now just one day away from super bowl 50.
5:38 am
gearing up for tomorrow's big game, where the denver broncos will take on the carolina panthers. macy's is celebrating the big game in a partnership with the san francisco bay area super bowl 50 host committee. the skyline was ignited with jaw-dropping lights friday night to celebrate sunday's big game. the celebration also included interactive experiences at macy's star zone in super bowl city. and this is a look at the skyline from super bowl city. lots of 50 everywhere, all of that gold. you can see everything all lit up. as well as the super bowl 50 alongside city buildings. lots of people in super bowl city right now the place set up , for fans alike to gather. last night super bowl city was , at maximum capacity so they couldn't let anyone else in. the city will be busting with fans all day and night long until the monumental game. well, you won't see footballs
5:39 am
soon. i would like to have that in my house. these fashion footballs were dreamed up by the council of fashion designers of america. who knew they liked football? it's all part of super bowl 50's anniversary. designers produced their own bizarre, glitzy, and glamorous takes on the brown leather ball. each piece is being auctioned online from now until february 14th. that would be a great valentines gift. proceeds will go to the nfl foundation, a charity serving various causes. well, if football isn't your thing, maybe puppies are. because who doesn't love puppies? kcci's scott reister is in santa clara with a sneak-peak of the annual puppy bowl action. scott: the big game has arrived. they have worked there tails off to get here.
5:40 am
and the people in san francisco cannot get enough. >> we started in 2005 so yeah, we will continue the trend as it is a very popular item. >> i love them, they are so cute. >> how is it not a big hit? look at the puppies' faces? scott: pregame press conference, not so much. this is the cutest and grossest interview i have ever done. i love you too. how is that for an instant replay? alyx: wow. anymore adorable? you can watch the super bowl this sunday, right here on kcci. kickoff is at 5:30.
5:41 am
on the denver broncos. our coverage begins at 1:00. kcci 8 news time, 5:47, waking up to 30 degrees. here is a live look on the road
5:42 am
>> the weather is never more than five minutes away, only on
5:43 am
frank: 10 minutes until 6:00, a beautiful picture from last week, winter on the farm in indianola from megan wagner. thank you, megan. 30 in the metro, low 30's in ames. waterloo, marshalltown, and knoxville at 35 degrees. wind at five or less and the wind chill factor not much of a factor. temperatures in the low 30's. noontime, 36. 3:00, 38 degrees. it does not get much better than that in february in iowa. we will start the day with clouds but eventually will break them up and will see sunshine this afternoon. another system well out to the north and west will be affecting
5:44 am
high pressure still in control, light wind. notice the cold front will slide through late sunday into monday on the backside, ringing in a few flurries. it will be very windy behind the system so that could combine with snow flurries off to the north and create whiteout conditions, especially north of highway 20. starting things out, some clouds could breakout to sunshine. sunday, we will start the day with sunshine and role in clouds by the end of the day, eventually a chance of light snow mainly north of highway 30. whiteout conditions, there is a blizzard watch in effect north of highway 20 sunday into monday. 38 the high in des moines today. look at tonight, 30.
5:45 am
40's, a slight chance of snow late in the day. monday's high just 23. we stay in the 20's for most of the week, back in the 30's by thursday. alyx: thank you very much. here is a story that will grab your heart. they didn't think it was possible, but now they're doing it. over in boone at seven oaks, kids with spina bifida and cerebral palsy were going fast down a ski hill. kcci's vanessa peng has more. vanessa: look, ma. no hands. >> this is a group that doesn't, a lot of time, have the opportunity to get that wind in and skiing is able to do that. ,vanessa: these kids with disorders and birth defects like spina bifida and cerebral palsy are skiing through specially designed sit skis. >> i never knew they made this kind of sports, this kind of skiing. vanessa: this is the fourth year adaptive sports iowa has opened the slopes to athletes who never
5:46 am
down a hill at seven oaks. >> it honestly makes me feel that i am a part of something. >> track to the left, keep hanging left. vanessa: the athletes steer while the person in the back from adaptive sports controls the speed. this is jacob dodson's second year. >> i went over there and it was awesome. vanessa: jacob has cerebral palsy, which affects his ability to use his muscles. >> he just wants to be a regular kid too and he just wants to have fun. and he's an adrenaline junkie and he wants to get down there and go fast, and keep doing it again and again. it gives him something to go back, tell the other kids, hey, you ski and i can ski, too. >>vanessa: first timer quinton munson feels the same. he can't wait to tell his friends. >> probably going to tell them how much fun i had and try to see if they're jealous or not. alyx: that was vanessa peng reporting. as a skier, that is a very touching story. adaptive sports director mike boone says skiing can be
5:47 am
hollywood was making a big deal out of hugh jackman and his wife reaching their 20 year anniversary this week. mark tauscheck met a des moines couple that leaves the jackmans in the dust. mark: peg and ken newell don't look it. heck, they don't act it either. >> we went out to dinner twice a week. she went out on monday, i went on friday. mark: but ken is 101, peg is 99. and this couple that lives together at valley view village assisted living in des moines has been married since 1936. >> i'm going to keep her. >> thanks. mark: that's 80 years of wedded bliss for this couple that started dating when they were students at fairfield high . >> and the girls all went crazy about him. >> i didn't know that, nobody told me. well, she tells me i had so many girlfriends i couldn't pick one out. mark: they had four children who are all in town celebrating, the rare milestone.
5:48 am
>> we do not argue, we do not fight. you have to really love them. it is not a game. mark: peg thinks the most important thing to long-lasting love? a sense of humor. an area where ken is always happy to oblige. >> you want to go to bed without having a fight and you want to always have the last word, good night, dear. alyx: another story to touch your heart, that was mark tauscheck purporting. -- reporting. what do you get someone for an 80th anniversary, you might wonder? the same thing ken always gets peg, a red rose. let's take a live look over downtown des moines this
5:49 am
so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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alyx: time for news to go at 5:59. the death toll in taiwan continues to rise throughout the morning. so far 11 people have been killed in the 6.4 magnitude earthquake. hundreds of others were injured and a dozen others are still missing. and police in oregon are investigating a late night shooting. an officer was killed in a gun exchange while serving a warrant friday night. the veteran officer had been
5:51 am
years. here at home, we will take a final look at the forecast. frank: a little bit of fog this morning, some clouds as the sun starts to rise but this afternoon we will see more sunshine, 38 degrees. tonight, 34 the low. -- 30 is the low. sunday, 42, we will see flurries by the afternoon. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic.] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] captioning funded by cbs when you see this symbol, you know you're watching a show that is occasionally and
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